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Race report by Daniel Grobe
Round 4 of the Thornhill Championship Series this weekend, and I am running the Etruggy class. Also had an old friend at the track, I let him race my ebuggy in the beginner class, and looks like he will be getting into the racing scene again.

For qualifying, the truck was quick. I was able to put in very competative lap times, and consistency. The track was slick, but had enough traction to put in good time. I didnt change any setup from the previous race, because i knew the track would groove up for the later quals.

In Q1, I was on TQ pace, early, with a mistake about mid way, I dropped off TQ pace, and worked back up to TQ pace, then a late crash on the last lap dropped me 5 seconds off TQ.
In Q2, the current TQ beat his time by about 5 seconds, so i had to improve my time drastically. Would have to be a perfect run, and a 9 lap run. I was on pace most of the race, literally tied with TQ. again, a last lap mistake over the triple, trying to be perfect, would cost me 4 seconds, and i would drop off TQ by 4 seconds to 3rd overall.
In Q3, i changed tires to Proline Buckshot in S3 compound, and that would really lock the truck in, i was able to turn the only 9 lap run in the class, and take TQ.

For the Double A mains, i would get a clean start, early mistake dropped me to 2nd, but jason made a mistake and i got buy, where i would control the pace, not push the truck to much, and would take the win.
in A2, got off to a clean start, no mistakes, didnt want to throw away a win, or crash hard, Jason again made a mistake, and he would over drive to chase me down, with more mistakes, i would take the win in A2, taking the overall.

1. Daniel Grobe - XRAY XT8E
2. Jason Hill
3. Isaac Price