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Race Report by Magne Kobbevik
This weekend it was time for the second round of the Norwegian Nats in 1/8 scale with the combo off Nitro and Electric same weekend. This time the race was held at Hof Raceway, 45 minutes out off Oslo, the capital off Norway.

It has been extremely hot in Norway past weeks, so challenging conditions and hard track with a lot off bumps. But the club did their best to make the best out of it, and the Race control center and Referee Anders Mikkelsen had good control the whole weekend.

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Saturday started off with 4 qualifications round of 1/8 nitro, and XRAY Factory driver Daniel Kobbevik won 3 out off 4 quails, he showed convincing speed all the way and the car looked to work really good out there! So Daniel was already overnight TQ. Second on the list was Lars Erik Moe who also drives XRAY XB8!

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Then it was time for finals, and Daniel really rocket in his Semi, he had a perfect run and was clearly in front off everybody else. Lars Erik Mo had a lot off struggle in his semi, a flame out put him far back in the field, but he picked up the speed and he managed to come back and after semis was over he was going to start from 6th at the grid in A-final.

That meant that Kobbevik was going to start in pole position, with Morten Torkildsen and Hans Magne Berg behind him.

Then ready for final, it did not start out well for Daniel, he got some trouble right away on first lap, it was really hard fighting in front, and Daniel got some trouble with rubber on wheels going off, so he had to go in and change tires just after done 10 laps, he almost lost two laps on that, he then needed to change fuel strategy to try to get back in the game, that did not go well, so a flameout set him further back. It was very dusty so the consume off fuel was higher than normal. Daniel got out there and he went super fast with his XB8 up to second after some really hard fighting to get by the other drivers! Lars Erik Mo had a huge lead up front, but Daniel slowly came closer and closer. when it was 3 minutes left, it was only 10 seconds gap between those two drivers, and there was no chance that Daniel was going for securing the second spot. Lars Erik did some mistakes also in end, and Daniel got by, and won the race with over 26 seconds. Lars Erik had fighted hard the whole final, and was super happy with securing XRAY 1 and 2 on podium!

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1/8 IC Buggy Results
1. Daniel Kobbevik – XRAY XB8
2. Lars Erik Moe – XRAY XB8

3. Egil Amtedal

On Sunday, we had also qualification and finals for 1/8 Electric, and also here Daniel had a comfy gap down to the rest off drivers with his XB8E! Quails went smooth and Kobbevik took TQ in front of Vincent Rüger and Mathias Fink.

In A1 Daniel just drove away from the rest off the field from the start and took an easy win!

A2 same happened again, Daniel just pushed away for another easy win, this time it was a really hard fight and Mathias and Vincent switched on positions many times, but Mathias was a little unlucky and missed the jump before straight and then it was more or less over, so it ended with Vincent in 2nd and Danny 3rd.

And after some nice battles in A3, the final ended with Mathias taking the win, in front of Danny and Torbjorn Doler!

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1/8 E Buggy Resutls
1. Daniel Kobbevik - XRAY XB8E
2. Mathias Fink
3. Danny Kwiatkowski

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