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Race Report by Joel Valander
The first round of Nationals was held at Vaasa, Finland. Track itself was amazing as always and many people say that it is one of the world best electric offroad tracks. Race organizers did everything top notch like usual at Vaasa. Also weather was awesome whole weekend!

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We arrived to the track on friday evening to setup the pits and glue couple sets of tires and get cars all dialed for the race.

In 4wd class, and my car felt dialed! Lots of traction with awesome smooth power and very easy to jump. I felt that I have a car to win in practice. I was able to TQ Q1, Q2 and Q4. Then to the finals. A1 was pretty easy for me. Joona Haatanen crashed on first lap behind me and I was then able to just pull the gap to others and keep it clean. A2 was super tight battle then Joona tried to pass me and we touch. I ended up flying off the track and recovered to 2nd position. After race I was pretty frustrated of that move but then just kept my focus on winning A3. Joona got pass me early on after I made small bubble. I was pressuring Joona hard and I was able to jump inside him in front table top. Then I just kept it together to the end and won the race!

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1/10 4WD Results
1. Valander Joel - XRAY XB4
2. Haatanen Joona
3. Luopajärvi Mikko
4. Salmela Karri
5. Mäki Oskari
6. Siltanen Jarno
7. Kyykkä Ari-Pekka - XRAY XB4
8. Saarinen Konsta - XRAY XB4

9. Ullakko Ilmari
10. Otsavaara Tuomo - XRAY XB4

In 2wd, Joona Haatanen was fast and consistent as expected. We had couple close runs in qualifying but I was lacking some consistency and Joona got the TQ spot. Finals were not so good for me even though my car was feeling all right. Wind was making big jumps harder and harder. I made too many errors and after 3,3 and 2 finishes I had to settle to 3rd overall!

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1/10 2WD Resutls
1. Haatanen Joona
2. Luopajärvi Mikko
3. Valander Joel - XRAY XB2
4. Salmela Karri
5. Aromaa Juha
6. Saarinen Konsta - XRAY XB2
7. Siltanen Jarno
8. Gabrielsson Jamiel
9. Niinivirta Toni - XRAY XB2
10. Mäki Oskari

Big thanks to my sponsors for supporting me with awesome equipment!

XRAY EuroRC.com Hobbywing Hudy Highest and TShades.

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  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
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