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Race Report by Alexander Hagberg
Last weekend I went to Phillippines for AOC R2! The race itself was great, but unfortunately very much affected by the weather so the schedule had to be changed a little due to rain! However organisers did great job and let us do full racing even though it meant schedule had to be tighter!

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My T4 was amazing in qualifications and took the overall TQ! After close and eventful finals I also managed to take the overall win! There were 5 x T4 cars in the A-final in Modified class!!!

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1/10 Modified Results
1. Alexander Hagberg XRAY T4
2. Ronald Volker
3. Meen Vejrak

In Stock Boosted 13,5T Jan Ratheisky and his T4 dominated the class and took the overall TQ and win!

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1/10 13,5T Stock Boosted Results
1. Jan Ratheisky XRAY T4
2. Yuichiro Takaya
3. Michael Lo

In Scorpion Spec Class, XRAY Rains Viola was the main man as he took the overall TQ!

In finals, Rains took the win in A1 and A2 to secure the overall win! The main battle was for the 2nd spot between Tutoy Aldaba and Jerome Supan with Aldaba coming better in the end!

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1/10 Scorpion Spec Results
1. Rains Viola - XRAY T4
2. Tutoy Aldaba - XRAY T4

3. Jerome Supan

In Scale Tub Class, the main show was between Tutoy Aldaba and Benji Ecleo with Aldaba eventually winning both A1 and A2 to take the overall win!

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1/10 Scale Tub Resutls
1. Tutoy Aldaba - XRAY X10
2. Benji Ecleo
3. Wilfredo Sevilla - XRAY X10

In 17,5T Stock class, Yuichira Takaya was unstoppable in qualaifications, but finals were different affair!

While John Puse, took the win in A1, Takaya in A2, it was XRAY Lex Tyler with the win in A3! On tie-braker John took the win and Lex got 2nd place!

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1/10 17,5T Stock Results
1. John Puse
2. Lex Tyler - XRAY T4
3. Yuichiro Takaya

Hospitality was on point, the organizers took perfect care of us, thank you very much! And of course big thanks to all my sponsors!

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  T4 Is Double ETS Champion    
  XT8E Wins At 1/8 Off-Road ROAR E-Nats In US    
  GTX8 Is European Vice-Champion    
  XT8 Is US National Champion    
  XB4 & XT2 Are EOS 2016/2017 Champions    
  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
  X12 Is Double European Champion    
  X12 Wins At 2017 ROAR Nationals    
  T4 Wins At 2017 TITC    
  XRAY T4 Double Win At Snowbird Nationals 2017    
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