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Race Report by HJ Quek
Round 3 of the 2018 Urban Touring Series in Singapore was run this past weekend. With many of the current top 10 ranked racers in attendance, the event was highly anticipated to see who would take the championship lead at the half-way stage!

Qualifying flagged off under overcast skies, and it was young Sean Lee who seized the early initiative to take Q1 on the last lap of the top group, edging out Dominic Quek by 1/100th of a second. Dominic bounced back in Q2 to take the round TQ with a faster time than the one that Sean clocked in Q1. This would prove crucial as Q3 unfortunately was initially aborted due to rain. With the light rain persisting, and time running short, it was finally decided that Q3 would be cancelled with the final qualifying results based on the single best of the 2 completed runs. This gave the TQ to Dominic by virtue of his faster time in Q2!

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A-main Leg 1 was one of the closest races witnessed on this unique rooftop track. Dominic held on to the lead from the tone, with Sean in close pursuit throughout the first 4.5 minutes. Sean, on fresh tyres, had the faster car but could not find a way past Dominic who used his experience to hold the pressure. During this time, Sean himself came under pressure himself from PY Tang, and in a sublime move in the short front straight, PY managed to execute a clean pass on Sean. A lap later, while trying to regain P2 from PY, Sean had to go wide in the left hairpin, opening the door for Koh Boon Yang to attempt an overtake. Unfortunately both cars came into contact while running side-by-side, with Sean coming worse off, getting stuck in the corner dots. Dominic closed out the win in A1, with PY in 2nd and Boon Yang taking 3rd!

In A2, an unfortunate spin-out by Sean in the front-straight on the opening lap dropped him down the race order, allowing Boon Yang and PY to sneak past. PY would eventually overtake Boon Yang to finish 2nd, with Boon Yang and Sean in 3rd and 4th respectively. With Dominic taking the win in Leg 2, he was assured of overall victory!

Dominic sat out Leg 3. Sean successfully defended his front row start to take the win, while Boon Yang defended against PY to finish 2nd, with PY 3rd!

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1/10 Modified Results
1. Dominic Quek XRAY T4
2. PY Tang
3. Sean Lee

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