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Pictures by rc50.com
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Of course XRAY could not be missing on this race and thus RCAmerica has sent all their US touring car team drivers to participate and for the first time showcase the 2006 all-new T2. Without any previous experience, testing or time to work on set-up the whole team has been doing extremely well with the T2.

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After the qualifications it is clearly obvious that the T2 will be as in previous years, a car hard to beat and the XRAY USA team will be as in the past years at the pace leading the racing and again rising the bar. In the Factory 19Turn category XRAY has put 7 out of 10 cars in A main and in Modified Sedan category 4 cars. In the total XRAY team set 3x TQ - 19T, Modified and Brushless. At this moment XRAY is the most successful after the qualification and we have been all looking with an excitement for the final runs scheduled on Sunday.

Qualification results:

Factory 19Turn A main:
1. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2 - TQ
2. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2
3. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2
4. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2

5. Goetz, Christopher
6. Robinson, Peter - XRAY T2
7. Easton, Billy
8. Ellis, Drew - XRAY T2
9. Lopez, Alexander - XRAY T2

10. Tosolini, Chris

Modified Sedan A main:
1. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2
2. Easton, Billy
3. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2
4. Francis, Matt
5. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2
6. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2

7. Tosolini, Chris
8. Darroch, Raymond
9. Baker, Barry
10. Gray, Andrew

Stock Foam Touring A main:
4th Alex Lopez - XRAY T2

Brushless Sedan A main:
1st: Chris Doseck - XRAY T2 - TQ

The excellent result is even more gratifing, since Mike Blackstock and Paul Lemieux who officially joined the team last week have achieved some great results too. Paul TQ-ed the Modified category and has been 2nd in 19T, while Mike made in 3rd in Modified and 4th in 19T category. A great result considering it has been the first race with XRAY for Mike and the second race for Paul.

Watch out for more news, detailed report and the set-up sheets soon.

Final results:
XRAY T2 confirmed the domination in the finals by winning all three main categories in which T2 set TQ too: Modified, 19T and Brushless.

2006 US Touring Nationals - Modified category:
1. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2 + TQ
2. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2

3. Francis, Matt
4. Easton, Billy
5. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2
6. Darroch, Raymond
7. Tosolini, Chris
8. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2
9. Gray, Andrew
10. Baker, Barry

2006 US Touring Nationals - 19T category:
1. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2 + TQ
2. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2
3. Ellis, Drew - XRAY T2
4. Robinson, Peter - XRAY T2
5. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2

6. Goetz, Christopher
7. Easton, Billy
8. Tosolini, Chris
9. Lopez, Alexander - XRAY T2
10. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2

2006 US Touring Nationals - Brushless category:
1. Doseck Chris - XRAY T2

2006 US Touring Nationals - Stock category:
3. Alexander Lopez - XRAY T2

2006 US Touring Nationals - 19T Foam category:
1. Jari Taskila - XRAY

Final result for XRAY at 2006 US Novak Touring Nationals

3x TQ
4x WIN

Factory 19Turn podium

Modified category podium

XRAY / RCA team

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  XB4 & XT2 Are EOS 2016/2017 Champions    
  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
  X12 Is Double European Champion    
  X12 Wins At 2017 ROAR Nationals    
  T4 Wins At 2017 TITC    
  XRAY T4 Double Win At Snowbird Nationals 2017    
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