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Race Report by Aden Young
The weekend of the 9th September saw the return of XRS Williamtown due to the rainout of the 1st attempt. This round would see the debut of Team XRAY Australia newest driver Jeffrey Mackie who would be running in the modified class.

Modified would see Jeffrey Mackie (XRAY) take the TQ from John Puse and Lionel Saunders!

A1 would see close clean racing between all drivers with Jeff taking the win by 4 sec from John with Ed a further 7sec back!
A2 would again see good clean racing on the smallish and tight track. With Jeff again taking the win by 5sec from John with Ed 2sec back!
A3 would see John taking the win by 10sec from Lionel with Jeffrey only 0.4sec away.

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Modified Results
1. Jeffrey Mackie – XRAY T4
2. John Puse
3. Lionel Saunders

13.5 stock was the class with the largest number of entries! After qualifying it would be Simon Stewart, XRAY duo of Damiem Zarb and Peter Wong. All drivers were only separated by about 20seconds.

A1 would start off very scrappy with massive pileups in the first few corners , which is always going to happen when racers are so close . The final placings would be Damien by 11sec from Peter and Tony 1.2secs back.
A2 would see another massive pile up. It would see Simon clear out to take the win by 7secs over Peter and Tony who were separated by 0.7sec.
A3 would start the same as the previous 2, Simon would again clear out and take the win by 3 secs followed by Damien and Hayden only 0.6 behind!

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13,5T Stock Results
1. Simon Stewart
2. Damien Zarb – XRAY T4
3. Peter Wong – XRAY T4

In sportsman 21.5 class at the end of 3 rounds of qualifying it would be Brendon George from XRAY΄s Bruce Seaton, Calvin Holmes, Luke Hair and Lee Bagguley.

A1 would be a clean close race between the top 3 qualifiers at the end of 6 minutes it would be Brendon from Calvin and Bruce, with 13secs between the top 3.
A2 would be again super close and clean with Brendon taking the win this time from Bruce and Calvin with only 6secs separating the top 3.
A3 would again be clean and close with the results the same as A2 and only 9secs between them!

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21,5T Sportsman Results
1. Brendon George
2. Bruce Season – XRAY T4
3. Calvin Holmes

It was a great meeting and a great warmup for the upcoming NSW Titles. A big thank you to the Newcastle club and its members!

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