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Race Report by Patrick Fankhauser
The 5th and final round of Swiss championship was held in Herblingen. In 1/8 Class, Simon Kurzbuch had already secured his title at Round 4. While at 1/10 category it was really tight between three drivers who could win the championship. My situation was 15 points behind the leader, Raphael Wicki.

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During the qualifications, I struggled a little bit to find the best setup on this difficult track. I finishd only on P5 while Raphael Wicki TQed. Superpole was going to Thilo Tödtmann.
Traugott was very fast during the qualifications, but he had some bad luck in the semifinal and couldn‘t bump up to the A-Main.
After a few changes on my setup, I was really happy with my car and was able to win my semifinal with 2 laps ahead.

I knew that I had to finish in the TOP 3 and 2 places ahead of Wicki to win the Championship.
We had a big problem with the tire-wear this weekend. For the 30 minutes A-Main I decided to drive a high-pace strategy with a full tyre-change at mid-race.
My start was very good, after 3 laps I was already on P2 behind Thilo. He was pulling away from the rest of the field until he had an issue with his transmitter, which cost him the win.
After the tyre-change I found myself on P6, Wicki on P3. With fresh tyres I was able to push and close the gap to the drivers on P3-5. At 25 minute mark I was on P4 behind Wicki who did not change the tyres and this was now my advantage, because he ran out of rubber. I could pass him and keep my 3rd spot. Niclas Scherrer passed Raphael too.

With P3 and 2 positions ahead of Wicki I could secure the championship title in front of Raphael Wicki, Marco Rizzo and Traugott Schär!!!

Congratulations for the Win to Marco Rizzo and 2nd Place to Simon Kurzbuch!

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1/10 Nitro Race Results
1. Marco Rizzo
2. Simon Kurzbuch
3. Patrick Fankhauser – XRAY NT1

1/10 Nitro Overall Championship Results
1. Patrick Frankhauser – XRAY NT1
2. Raphael Wicki
3. Marco Rizzo

In 1:8 class my teammates Luca Martinelli and Mattia Pesenti showed a great pace and finish on P3 and P5 after the qualifications. Unfortunately after 15 Minutes Mattia‘s throttle servo was broken. Luca finished on P4 behind Silvio Hächler, Simon Kurzbuch and Oliver Krähemann.

Luca and Mattia finished on P3 and P4 in the overall Championship behind Simon Kurzbuch and Silvio Hächler – congratulations!!

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At least I have to thank my pitcrew Sue and Traugott for the perfect pitwork and the fast tyre-change. Huge thanks to T+M Models for the fantastic support during the whole season! Without your help I would not able to reach this achievement. With your experience you made my package better and faster! Thank you very much!

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