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Race Report by Drew
Full Throttle Championship took place last weekend with the largest classes being USGT and 17.5 sedan. The Banana Raceway is a smaller 86x34 foot track of CRC black carpet glued to a wood subfloor inside a well-lit and climate-controlled building.

This year’s race was the third installment of this event and attracted drivers from around Texas, LA and OK. The 3-day schedule following a rocket round format allowed for practice all day Friday with 3 qualifiers on Saturday, an LCQ on Sunday followed by AAA mains. The tight layout was installed Thursday night and rewarded drivers who kept up with their setups as the grip transitioned from low on Friday to medium-high grip by Sunday afternoon.

XRAY was very well represented at the race securing 4 TQ’s and 4 wins in the hands of Chris Adams, Marc McGurren, and Andrew Doherty. In the premier modified class XRAY dominated by Adams, Doherty and Steve Breuer securing the top 3 qualifying positions respectively and earning the same top 3 finishing positions as well as representing over 70% of the A main.

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Modified Results
1. Chris Adam – XRAY T4
2. Andrew Doherty – XRAY T4
3. Steve Breuer – XRAY T4

The 17.5 sedan class looked similar with XRAY qualifying in the TQ, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions of the A main because of the hard work from Doherty, McGurren, Billy Land and Brian Bonadona. XRAY then finished at the top two spots of the podium thanks to Doherty and McGurren.

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17,5T Stock Results
1. Andrew Doherty – XRAY T4
2. Marc McGurren – XRAY T4

3. TJ Ball

In 17.5 1/12th scale the X12’s of McGurren, Robert Bremmer, Alan Prihoda, and shop manager Trey Gilliam ran the table in qualifying with a TQ, 3rd, 5th, and 7th. The mains were interesting with lots of position changes and challenges for the drivers to overcome. After all was sorted through the three mains XRAY cars finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th in the same order as above.

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1/12 17,5T Stock Results
1. Marc McGurren – XRAY X12
2. Keooura
3. Robert Bremmer – XRAY X12

USGT represented the largest class of the weekend and XRAY products once again showed why they are so popular among racers. McGurren and Land went to work in qualifying and secured TQ and 2nd and then backed it up in the mains taking the top two steps.

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USGT Results
1. Marc McGurren – XRAY X10
2. Billy Land – XRAY X10

3. Gilbert Santos

In Formula Class, Christian Jones took the win while X1 of Robert Bremmer took 2nd while Brian Montgomery completed the podium!

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F1 Results
1. Christian Joner
2. Robert Bremmer – XRAY X1
3. Brian Montgomery

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