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Race Report by Fanatix
This past Sunday, we saw the last act of the Greek Nationals 2018 (5th out of 5 rounds) at the legendary Fanatix Racing Track, Athens one of the biggest asphalt race tracks in the world. The weather was a bit dull but nevertheless no rain overshadowed the event. As for the champion-to-be, nothing had been concluded until that very last moment thus giving to the racers a strong incentive to compete.

It was ‘the new kid in town’ the 16year old young gun Dimitris Ioannidis who took the top qualifying spot and best lap of the race!

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In leg 1, the battle for the first place limited to Ioannidis and Isaakidis letting the former dictate the pace of the race thus finishing first followed by Isaakidis and the fast Doukakis coming home third, Bakirtzis fourth and Eleftheriou fifth respectively.

During leg 2, the battle between Ioannidis and Isaakidis would be fierce offering a spectacular run which at the end caused rookie Ioannidis to take the win by only 0.0130 of the second from the runner-up Isaakidis who in a bittersweet mood secured the 2018 championship. Although Doukakis faced again problems with his car he made it as third followed by the easy-going Diamantis and Chris-“Ayrton” Kidis who filled the top five.

Although Ioannidis had secured the overall victory, he would participate in the final leg (3) challenging a hat trick. At the beginning, Isaakidis appeared to be more competitive striving for a glorious finish. However, Ioannidis had other plans for the final run and gave Isaakidis hard time by crashing on him twice consequently falling him off at the 9th place. Therefore, it was Bakirtzis who would take the win with Papachristos line-up second, Eleftheriou third, Doukakis fourth and the suspect Ioannidis fifth.

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Modified Results
1. Dimitris Ioannidis – XRAY T4
2. Filippos Isaakidis
3. Dimitris Bakirtzis