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Race Report by Pascaline Salay:
FunCup Austria at Modellbau Vienna The funcup Austria called FCA is an important part of the Model building challenge in Vienna for the last 17 years. This year we had the great pleasure to drive on the same track like the ETS. We had a racing day on Thursday with 3 classes. Allthough the race was under the week, many racers came to have a fantastic racing day together. We drove two qualifyings and three finals (all about 8 minutes!)

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In 17,5T A-final, XRAY´s took the overall win ahead of Hueber Michael and Wolfgang Richer!

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17,5T Stock Results
1. Pletka Rudolf – XRAY T4
2. Hueber Michael – XRAY T4
3. Richter Wolfgang – XRAY T4

All drivers had a lot of fun during the whole day and especially on the track and fun is the slogan of the FCA, too! We had a great racing day at a great and special location with a great audience! We made a great show on a fantastic carpet! Thanks to all XRAY drivers and the ETS-team, too.

We hope to be here next year, too! Until next year we'll have a lot of outdoor races in all districts of Vienna and Austria! See you on the track and have fun!!!