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Race Report by Drew
The 2018 edition of the Big Chill in Chilliwack, British Columba went down this weekend bringing racers from the North West together for a weekend of fun and competitive racing. XRAY was well represented with drivers from both Canada and the US, including Korey Harbke, Blake Bell, Korgae Scales and Luke Pittman among others.

In TC Modified Xray teammates Luke Pittman and Korey Harbke shared TQ honors throughout qualifying with Pittman taking Q1, Harbke resetting TQ in Q2 and Q3 and then Pittman taking TQ back in Q4. At the tone for the main Harbke pushed hard to apply pressure but pushed a bit too much and got into Pittman causing the need to be marshalled, but Pittman was able to hold on to the lead while Harbke unfortunately fell back in the field. In the end Pittman hung on to secure the win along with the TQ. I can\'t write this report without making a mention of 13 year old Associated driver Stuart Mason and his amazing driving this weekend, well done Stuart.

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Modified Results
1. Luke Pittman XRAY T4
2. Keith Yu
3. Logan Ruck XRAY T4

In TC Stock 21.5 there were more teammate battles for TQ, this time between Darren Shank, Korgae Scales and Frank Bortalazzo, which in the end was how they ended up on the starting grid. After some gearing and rear toe changes Korgae was able to battle Darren hard right from the start but could not quite get close enough to try for a pass. They raced tight and close for the full 5 minutes and finished exactly as they started. Frank had some bad luck through the run and finished a position back from where he started. A podium sweep for XRAY in this Stock 21.5 class.

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Stock 21,5T Results
1. Darren Shank XRAY T4
2. Korgae Scales XRAY T4
3. Greg Gherasim XRAY T4

In 1/12 Modified Korey Harbke set the pace and kept everyone chasing all weekend, with Blake Bell showing strength at times and grabbing the TQ for one round. In the end the starting order would be an Xray 1-2-3, Harbke with TQ, Bell in P2 and Pittman in P3. After a bit of a shake up in the main that was also finishing order for another Xray Podium Sweep!

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1/12 Modified Results
1. Korey Harbke XRAY X12
2. Blake Bell XRAY 12
3. Luke Pittman XRAY 12

In 1/12 Stock 17.5 Xray driver Tim Copp dominated all weekend, setting and resetting TQ through qualifying and then driving a flawless race from tone to tone to take the win. Privateer Alex Pate also found his way to the podium with an XRAY X12 after a solid climb up in the main to finished 2nd.

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1/12 Stock Results
1. Tim Copp XRAY X12
2. Alex Pate XRAY X12

3. Nick Keown

In Scale Spec 21.5 privateer Brent Wende also dominated with an Xray as he TQ\'d and won with a considerable margin over the competition.

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Scale Spec 21,5T Results
1. Brent Wende XRAY X10
2. Cole Chura XRAY X10

3. Alex Mardones

And finally in the Formula 1 class, Xray privateer driver Greg Gherasim set the TQ and took the win in the main with a solid performance all weekend. Big shout out to Greg for wheeling and representing that X1 so well.

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Formula Results
1. Greg Gherasim XRAY X1
2. Ed Mardones
3. Chris Lim

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