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Race Report by Alexander Vaughn
RC Racing is about having fun and experiencing new racing venues and meeting great people in the industry. This weekend was no exception, the 2018 Snake Pit Racing MidWest Indoor Series would host it’s first round of racing at the world famous Trackside Raceway and Hobbies of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Free tire sauce, pizza, 50/50 raffle and dash for cash would make this series a must have for racers wanting to experience new events and meet great people.

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This round would also host a final lap three way battle in the 13.5 Wheeler class, started 3rd on the grid after a rough qualifying rounds but would make the final lap pass for the lead and overall during the 8 minute final.

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13,5T 4WD Buggy Results
1. Alex Vaughn – XRAY XB4
2. Andy Krivitz
3. Thomas Kreuser

Struggled a little in 2wd Mod but would make the Amain final and have fun battling my Snake Pit Racing teammate Lee Conley during the final.

Thank you to everyone that came out to have fun and battle for some great wins. Congrats to everyone that won and those that took part in round 1!!

Special thanks to all of my sponsorship that help me out and make this possible.

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