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Race Reports by Florian Joos
Last weekend I raced at the second round of the Lovan Winter Series, a race held in Belgium.

The club did a great job, and they made a very flowing carpet track on the 35x18mm surface they had available. Because it was the last race of the year, many drivers showed up and there were 58 entries in stock, but sadly only 10 in modified.

The field was very strong with many national French, Dutch and Belgian champions, 3 European champions (Robin D’hondt, Remi Callens and Frank Baggen) and also Olivier Bultynck who has won many ETS races already.

On Saturday there were 3 rounds of timed practice followed by 1 qualifier. On Sunday there were 3 more qualifiers and the 3 finals.
The rules were quite open. Stock was 13.5 blinky, touring car bodies and weight limit of 1320, but tires, motors and speedo’s were open. In mod everything was open as well.

We missed the free practice in the morning, but I was confident before the timed practice, because we currently have a good setup for the T4. I was able to finish in P2 after the free practice.

Basile Concialdi, the French 200mm champion of 2017 was in fifth place, but a bit off the pace. My dad gave him some tips to make his car better. It worked very well, because Basile was in the mix for the top 3 afterwards. The qualification was based on the single fastest 5 time. I had some very good qualifications, but had to settle for 2nd, some 5 seconds behind Olivier Bultynck who took pole. Our teamwork paid off however as Basile took P3, in front of the T4 of 2018 Belgian stock champion Giovanni Moguez. John Ermen took P5.

In the last qualification, my car was a bit loose, so we used the .5 down inserts in the rear suspension mounts to get a bit more rear end grip.

My car was ok in A1, but I had to settle for 2nd behind Olivier.

After A1, my dad discovered that he forgot to tighten the graphite center bar after he detweaked the car. He tightened them before A2 and my car was just awesome to drive. I could really keep close to Olivier, but when I started my charge for the lead I made a mistake and crashed out. This allowed Basile to take P2. I chased him hard, but he didn’t make a mistake so I settled for P3.

Olivier didn’t run A3, so I took it easy and cruised to the win, which gave me a P2 overall in stock.

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Stock Results
1. Olivier Bultynck
2. Florian Joos – XRAY T4
3. Basile Concialdi – XRAY T4

In modified the car was good, but lacked some mid corner rotation. It was also the first time I raced after 3 weeks of school exams, so my fingers were still a bit rusty: )

In the end I took P3 overall behind Lucas Urbain and Rémi Callens, so I was quite happy with the overall result!

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Modified Results
1. Lucas Urbain
2. Rémi Callens
3. Florian Joos – XRAY T4

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