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Race Report by Cham
Having not run since last August or so in TC, I took part in the second round of the SITCC, held on ETS carpet in Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland. Touring car and the on road scene unfortunately was seeing some astonishing low participation, with only 42 registered drivers from around Swiss Romand region.

Having no time to prepare for the race a head of time I came on Saturday morning with my asphalt setup and even had to switch motors to one of the race legal ones. Despite this rush, it was pretty good with the low to medium grip conditions. The rear of the car was loose, and with minor tweaks to the rear the car become very comfortable to drive.

In the re-seeding, I was able to clock in the 4th fastest time. Throughout the three qualifiers, the car performed very well, and I was battling for the TQ and lost out by just under a 2/10ths of a second.

Seated 2nd in the starting grid for the four finals (yes there were 4 finals and this was because of the few racers), I had a mechanical issue due to negligence in the first final and in the second final I was just not in the groove, and once I found my rhythm it was too late. The most interesting finals were the third and fourth finals where I was able to challenge Kevin. In the third final I put some heat on Kevin, however he didn’t flinch. I caught a dot and Xavier (Xray) was able to get passed me.. From here on I was trying to real them back in but was out of time. In the last final, I was able to put pressure on Kevin, immediately forcing him to a mistake. For a couple of laps I was in the lead until the duct tape killed my rhythm and I exited the track.. I was still in second place when I returned on to the track, and a couple of laps later got knocked out (unintentionally) by a back marker. This unfortunately ended my hopes to grab the win.

In summary, after a very fun return to 10th scale, I walked away with a 3rd place. The T4 performed very solidly and achieved the best lap on each run! Better luck next time maybe.

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Touring Car Results
1. Kevin Zwahlen
2. Xavier Deparde - XRAY T4
3. Cham Dassanayake – XRAY T4