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Race Report by Fabio Domanin
Here we are at the 1st round of the XRS Tour 2019! The tour consists of 3 races, all in indoor tracks.

70 drivers attended, including the best touring drivers who joint the race. This meant really high level of touring mod class. Src indoor track location was perfect for the 1st round. Most of the Italian team drivers supported the event creating right atmosphere and friendly area to the Xray drivers.

In GT, Capasso, Marchesani and Dalia De Ritis made TOP 3 of this class, all three with Xray T4!

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GT Results
1. Capasso XRAY T4
2. Marchesani XRAY T4
3. Dalia De Ritis XRAY T4

In Stock class, Andrea Bonora was on point followed by Randi and Berardinucci!

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Stock Results
1. Andrea Bonora XRAY T4
2. Randi
3. Barardinucci XRAY T4

In the pro stock class had hard battle with the young Xray team drivers. Romagnoli, Di Febo, Ferrentino and Domanin had a fantastic battle until the last final. At the end victory goes to Di Febo, followed by Romagnoli and Domanin. All three with T4

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Pro Stock Results
1. Di Febo XRAY T4
2. Romagnoli XRAY T4
3. Domanin XRAY T4

In Modified class, Menicucci lead the race from the qualifying rounds with Mazzeo, Baruffolo Romagnoli, Piersante and Mancini fighting for the podium places.

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Modified Results
1. Menicucci XRAY T4
2. Baruffolo XRAY T4
3. Romagnoli XRAY T4

In F1, Spedaliere with his X1 won the race with Pipolo and Tacconelli 2nd and 3rd.

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Formula Results
1. Spedaliere XRAY X1
2. Pipolo
3. Tacconelli

1:12 always offers spectacular race. The fastest and most difficult cars to drive have special way of driving. TOP 3 was in the end: Domanin, Lazzari and Beri!

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1/12 Results
1. Domanin XRAY X12
2. Lazzari XRAY X12
3. Beri XRAY X12

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