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Race report by Alexander Hagberg click to enlarge
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During the weekend of the Snowbird Nationals, the 7th round of the MSC Carpet Cup was held in Falun, northern Sweden. The track is small but very high traction with a sticky groove to it. I came along with my almost-standard XRAY T2 and made only a few small adjustments during practice, and then putting in TQ placing and winning the first two mains. Competition was not as high as usual so I tried to test some things that seemed to work pretty good.

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I used drilled pistons for the first time; drilling out the 4-hole piston to 1.2mm holes and using XRAY 30wt oil made the car much better, and it carried more overall traction and had more steering. Also, using the inner hole on the steering block is required on tight tracks to get that desired responsiveness. Using slight inboard toe-out at the front of car makes it a little more stable on corner-entry and is also faster because my driving became more consistent.

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Also congratulations to newbie Dennis Karlsson who made the A-main with a 19T(!) motor in his FK05.

Results for my Modified class:

1. Alexander Hagberg XRAY T2

2. Tommy Bergfeldt
3. Peter Eriksson
6. Dennis Karlsson XRAY T1 FK05

Stock class click to enlarge
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The Stock class was once again dominated by Niklas Flink from Falun. Niklas, who was very sick with a 39ºC fever, still managed to win the event. This time he was challenged by local driver Viktor Boklund who was very close during qualifying, but could not match Niklas' amazing pace during the finals were he set a track record during the third main and secured the win. His driving was flawless and really, really fast.

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The car carried the most cornering speed of all the cars at the meeting, even tough it is a totally standard FK05 chassis!

Results for the Stock class:

1. Niklas Flink XRAY T1 FK05

2. Viktor Boklund
3. Kenneth Malkusson
4. Jörgen Landblom XRAY T1 FK05
7. Henrik Eriksson XRAY T1 FK05
8. Mackan Göransson XRAY T1R

Alexander Hagberg Set-up sheet.