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Race Report by Uwe Baldes
The 2018/2019 season of the Xray Racing Series (XRS) Germany ended with a grand finale at Arena33. 66 drivers had made their entry for the fourth round of the series and thus created a new XRS starter record. Over the entire season, the German Xray importer SMI Motorsport recorded a total of 169 participants, which also means a new record. "The Xray Racing Series has developed really well from its beginning in 2017 until today. We are absolutely happy about that", SMI Managing Director Anke Mueller came to a thoroughly positive conclusion. SMI provides comprehensive track-side services at all XRS races, as well as at over 40 other off-road and on-road races during the season.

For the XRS final in the Arena33 SMI Motorsport made another novelty: the presentation of the brand new Xray T4F. In the style of a real vehicle presentation, SMI presented the new, front-wheel-drive touring car with interesting interviews. In front of about 70 guests, some of whom had arrived on Friday evening from far away, Anke Mueller and SMI founder Bertram Kessler, Toni Rheinard (Tonisport), Uwe Rheinard (organizer ETS / EOS / ENS) and Harald Schmittgen, who as a FWD expert was significantly involved in the development of the new T4F, answered the questions of moderator Uwe Baldes. It came as a huge surprise when Uwe Rheinard made the announcement that the FWD class FWD (“Fronti”) will be introduced for front-wheel-drive touring cars from next season of the Euro Touring Series (ETS). After unveiling of the Xray T4F, waiting customers were already receiving the first kits to start building immediately. One T4F kit was even raffled among the guests. The following FWD race ended with a clear victory of Oliver Kaufmann in front of Ronny Hoffmann and Andreas Jacob.

After an intensive practice day on Saturday, on early Sunday morning race director and timekeeper Uwe Baldes sent the participants into the three qualifying heats and three final races. The races were not only exciting, but also fair, until finally in the late afternoon the winners of the day and the best drivers in the XRS championship were honored and the raffle prizes were handed over. "Of course, we will continue the Xray Racing Series Germany, presumably with more races spread all over Germany, maybe divided into XRS North and South with a great final together," Bertram Kessler looked promising into the future.

In keeping with the presentation of the new Xray T4F, FWD was the strongest class in the XRS finals. In qualifying, Oliver Kaufmann retained the upper hand over Jacques Libar, who had built up his brand-new Xray T4F only during training day, with a lead of around one second. "Xray development driver" Harald Schmittgen took the third position. Destiny pilot Kaufmann won the first final even more confidently ahead of Libar and Schmittgen. In the second final Libar turned the tables, took the lead in the first lap and made it the first final victory of the T4F with Kaufmann and Schmittgen second and third. That meant that the third final had to decide. This time Libar overtook Kaufmann in the second lap, but from the seventh lap Henrik Heitsch came back as the new front runner. While the MTS driver narrowly saved the victory, Kaufmann was able to pass Libar again two laps before the checkered flag. Second place was enough for Kaufmann to catch the day's victory ahead of the tied Libar. With one final win, Heitsch as overall third displaced Schmittgen from the podium.

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FWD 13,5T Results
1. Oliver Kaufmann
2. Jacques Libar – XRAY T4F
3. Henrik Heitsch

Xray driver Harald Schmittgen was honored as champion in the FWD class (27 participants) and best 40plus driver ahead of Dirk Keller (XRAY) and his wife Bianca Schmittgen (XRAY).

In the touring car stock class with 13.5T Hudy motors, in which the new Hudy C3 hand-out tires proved to be outstanding, Tobias Hoefflin surprised with the best qualifying time. The Xray driver kept Melvin Diekmann by four tenths of a second behind, with Jannick Namyslo (XRAY) coming third. As much as Diekmann fought and stuck to the rear of Hoefflin's T4, Hoefflin prevailed in all three finals and, after spectacular duels, relegated Diekmann to second overall. Namyslo completed the podium.

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13,5T Stock Results
1. Tobias Hoeffling – XRAY T4
2. Melvin Diekmann
3. Jannick Namyslo – XRAY T4

The best 40plus driver was Joerg Baldes, the best youth driver Max Montermann and the best junior eight-year-old Thilo Baldes (XRAY).
The XRS title in the touring car class (29 participants) went to Marc Stuebben with Joerg Baldes second and Philipp Kremer third. Behind Jens Haller in fourth place overall, the best youth driver Lukas Fecher (XRAY) and the best junior Thilo Baldes finished fifth and sixth respectively.

The class 1/12 GT experienced an equally astonishing and pleasing development which 15 participants in the final. Alexander Seitter took pole position with his Xray, followed by Benedikt Neubert and Haroun Schobner. After being out of contention in the first final, Seitter came under pressure, but prevailed twice in the finals two and three, earning a deserved overall win in the class. With his victory in the first final, Schobner (Godspeed) laid the foundation for second overall, while Neubert (Roche) came in third on the podium.

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1/12 GT Results
1. Alexander Seitter – XRAY X12
2. Haroun Schobner
3. Benedikt Neubert

XRS champion in the 1/12-GT class (22 participants) became Haroun Schobner ahead of Benedikt Neubert and Alexander Olah. As the best junior, Jody Mueller finished fifth behind Rene Meissen.

In 1/12 Stock, Roche driver Jacques Libar took pole position with a one-lap advantage and was also able to prevail with at least one lap advantage in all three final races. With two second places, Niklas Maehrle (XRAY) took second overall ahead of 40plus driver Heinz Dewald (XRAY).

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1/12 Stock Results
1. Jacques Libar
2. Niklas Maehrle – XRAY X12
3. Heinz Dewald – XRAY X12

The XRS title in the 1/12 stock class went to Alexander Seitter, who was also the best 40plus driver. Second was Niklas Maehrle ahead of Jacques Libar.

Many participants had started at the XRS finals. Daniel Schober not only conquered the clear pole position with his Xray, but also celebrated two final wins in the fight for the day's overall victory against Michal Milanowicz (XRAY). Third, Johannes Fecher (XRAY) jumped onto the podium as third.

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Formula Results
1. Daniel Schober – XRAY T4
2. Michal Milanowicz – XRAY T4
3. Johannes Fecher – XRAY T4

For the third time Daniel Schober won the XRS title in the Formula class. Johannes Fecher became second and best youngster, followed by Alexander Olah as the best 40plus pilot.