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Race Report by TOP RC
The first race of XRS Alpe Adria started in Tolmin on the 31st March. There were 3 categories run: 1/10 Electric Touring 13.5 XRS Stock, 1/10 Electric Modified and 1/8 IC Track. On Saturday it was a practice day and drivers could get again the grip feeling running on asphalt again after the winter season.

On Sunday we started with 2 timed practices and later with 4 qualifiers for electric and 3 for nitro categories.
In 1/10 Stock it was Patrik Pozgaj the TQ driver, in 1/10 Modified Alojzij Osvald and in 1/8 IC Track the new XRAY driver Nejc Mihelic in the first outing with the new RX8.

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After lunch break we started with the final runs. There were 3x5min final runs for 1/10 electric based on point system and 2x15min for 1/8 nitro category, which were then summed together to get the final classification.

In 1/10 Stock it was a fight for the top spot between Patrik Pozgaj and Zeljko Selman. At the end the pole sitter Patrik Pozgaj would win the race in front of Zeljko Selman. In the last podium place it was Darko Nemec. All drivers were using XRAY T4 cars.

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Stock Results
1. Patrik Pozgaj - XRAY T4
2. Zeljko Selman - XRAY T4
3. Darko Nemec - XRAY T4

In the 1/10 Modified Alojzij Osvald was in a dominant form winning all 3 finals. But it was a very close fight for the remaining podium places with the next 3 drivers having the same points after the 3 finals. Second place went to Rok Rudl and third to Nejc Marcic.

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Modified Results
1. Alojzij Osvald - XRAY T4
2. Rok Rudl - XRAY T4
3. Nejc Marcic - XRAY T4

In the 1/8 IC track category it was meant to be a fight for the win between Nejc and Jernej. Since there was a huge tire wear we decided to split the main final into 2x15min finals and sum the laps together to avoid tire change, since many drivers had only part time mechanics.

The first final started with Nejc in front and Jernej following him closely, but then Nejc had a flame out and Jernej also had a crash, but Jernej was still in front although with a damaged rear tire. Nejc tried to close tje gap but could not catch Jernej till the end.

In the second final Nejc did not have any problems and was faster than Jernej who had some clutch problems and could not push a lot, but Jernej could managed the gap from the first final and eventually won the final in front of Nejc. Third place went to Denis Fink.

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1/8 IC Onroad Results
1. Jernej Vuga Stendler - XRAY RX8
2. Nejc Mihelic - XRAY RX8

3. Denis Fink

We would like to thank all the drivers for the participation! Next race will be on 9th June in Zagreb! Stay tuned!

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  XT8E Wins At 1/8 Off-Road ROAR E-Nats In US    
  GTX8 Is European Vice-Champion    
  XT8 Is US National Champion    
  XB4 & XT2 Are EOS 2016/2017 Champions    
  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
  X12 Is Double European Champion    
  X12 Wins At 2017 ROAR Nationals    
  T4 Wins At 2017 TITC    
  XRAY T4 Double Win At Snowbird Nationals 2017    
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