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Race Report by Tommy Hinz
This past weekend I attended the April fools classic at Murfs Intermountain R/C Raceway in Salt Lake City Utah.

Wednesday was my travel day, which allowed me to make it to the track in time to run a few practice packs with my 2wd. I ran a used set of tires that were already broken in and felt pretty fast and consistent as my car was very easy to drive.

Thursday we had practice from 12-8. 8 hours of practice allowed me to get 2 sets of tires for each car broken in so I would be set for racing. Both my xb4 and xb2 felt great even on new tires, and after 2 runs the tires were good and up to race pace. Jake mayo and I worked together trying small setup changes to get our cars to perform the best.

Friday was 2 qualifiers. I had solid runs all day putting myself in the top 5 for both classes. Saturday was another 2 qualifiers and once qualifying settled, I would grid up 3rd in 4wd and 5th in 2wd.

Sunday was triple a mains, the first batch of mains went well, I scored a 2 in 2wd and a 3 in 4wd. For a2 I raised my transmission to stock height and raised my axle height in the rear to the center height to accommodate the high grip. A2 of 2wd was a rough 5th place finish as I had been involved in multiple crashes with other drivers. In 4wd I got another 3rd place with a battle with jake Mayo the whole race. In a3 of 2wd I had another rough race, with a wreck that was my fault, and 2 more wrecks from other drivers. I still ended up finishing in the 3rd position for a3. And was able to stand on the 3rd and final step on the podium. In 4wd A3 I had a smooth drive and was in second up until the last 2 laps. Unfortunately I got hit in the sweeper and had to settle for third for the main. Again, I would still finish 3rd overall.

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4WD Buggy Results
1. Rob Gillespie
2. Broc Champlin
3. Tommy Hinz – XRAY XB4

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2WD Buggy Results
1. Broc Champlin
2. Eric Willardson
3. Tommy Hinz – XRAY XB2

I’d say this week in Utah was a success, as Jake and I really got our cars dialed in for the surface we were on and had great pace all weekend long. Thanks to my parents and sponsors for everything they do for me day in and day out!

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