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Race Report by Monika Ackermann
The first round of the Swiss championship took place from 3rd to 5th May in Sitterdorf.

It was freezing cold, lots of rain, wind and snow, but some drivers were determined to race!

On Friday not much practice was possible, only in the late afternoon after the track finally dried. Since there was no grip you could not guess how good the times really were. On Saturday morning it was decided to make 3 heats before the lunch break. Because a lot of rain was reported for the afternoon. It turned out that was a good decision. After the lunch break there was only one more round for 1/10 and the 4th round of 1/8 ran in a lot of water. So it was clear that Marco Rizzo at 1/10 and Simon Kurzbuch at 1/8 could win the pole for themselves. Because of the rain, the Super Pole was not driven and thus it was decided that each of the first 4 are directly in the A-final. In the evening at a leisurely dinner it suddenly started to snow. But crazy on Sunday morning it was actually white. When we came to the racetrack a little later, the vote was already over and the majority decided we drive with some snow. Some of the pilots left. Everyone else had a lot of fun in the race.

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In the morning there was still some snow. After the luch, the 1/10 A final was started. Most drivers chose to run with rain car and rain or wet tires. The final so many leaders as the conditions were changing a lot during the main, different strategies appeared and effected the order. Eventually Traugi could win the first race of the championship in 2019 followed by Niclas Scherer and Marco Schwab.

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1/10 IC Results
1. Traugott Schar – XRAY NT1
2. Niclas Scherer
3. Marco Schwab

In category 1/8 we were very happy that three of our RX8 drivers were in the A-final. Thomas Henzi and Jürg Nydegger directly and Luca Martinelli made it over the ? final. He did not run on Saturday in the heats.

The A-final 1/8 was then started in the dry. Simon, Oliver, Thomas and Jürg fought for the first place together. Unfortunately, the engine went out at Jürg after the first fuel stop and he lost a lot of time. The winner, how should it be otherwise, was Simon Kurzbuch in front of Luca Martinelli and Jürg Nydegger. Two RX8s on the podium, well done! Congratulations to all for the great performances and the will that the weather can not beat an RC driver!!!

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1/8 IC Results
1. Simon Kurzbuch
2. Luca Martinelli – XRAY RX8
3. Jurg Nydegger – XRAY RX8

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