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Race Report by Travis Harker
The PDX Open originated to settle the local debate on whether mod cars were in fact faster over a five minute run than their 17.5 counterparts. The small track has seen comparable lap times between the mod and stock classes and many argued the more manageable power of the 17.5 and 13.5 classes provided an advantage.

I set out to show that with proper throttle control and patience navigating the track and traffic, mod power not only provides more fun but faster lap times. I ran a 6.5T motor in 2wd and a 5.5T motor in the 4wd class. After 2 rounds of qualifying I was able to put in clean runs in both classes to start on the pole in both mains.

The 2wd Open mains went well for me as I was able to get off to a clean start and place a comfortable margin between myself and the rest of the field. The XB2 '19's incredible handling made it comfortable for me to maintain the lead in both mains to secure the victory.

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2WD Buggy Results
1. Travis Harker – XRAY XB2
2. Brad Borneill
3. Shannon Houfek – XRAY XB2

In the opening round of 4wd I was able to secure the victory leading me to believe a clean sweep of the day was in store. Unfortunately after creating a gap in A2 I made a costly mistake coming onto the straight away and gave up the lead. Brad Borneill had an excellent run and forced an A3 to determine who would win the overall for the day. A costly mistake in A3 put me in chase mode and despite my best effort I was unable to find a way around Brad. It was a great battle and I had a ton of fun but had to accept 2nd place overall.

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4WD Buggy Results
1. Brad Borneill
2. Travis Harker – XRAY XB4
3. Mike Nguyen