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Race Report by Matus Mydla
The 2019 EFRA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 1/10 Touring Car & Formula was held at Hudy Arena, Trencin, Slovakia.

The event started on Thursday with 3 rounds of free practice, 2 rounds of timed practice, and 1 round of qualification. After timed practice it was Bruno Coelho sitting on 1st position in modified, Jan Ratheisky was 1st in spec and formula class. The day finished with one qualification round where Bruno Coelho took the modified, Oliver Bultynck took spec class and Jan Ratheisky took formula class.

Another 4 rounds of qualification were raced on Friday. Qualification round is spec class were very competitive and 4 different drivers had at least one TQ run including young Oliver Havranek. After all good racing it was Bruno Coelho taking overall TQ in modified, Oliver Bultynck in spec class and Jan Ratheisky formula class.

Going into the final day, everybody was exciting to see great racing during very warm final day. In modified, Bruno Coelho took A1 and A2 and secured his 2019 European Championship title in modified. Ronald Volker took A3 which secured him Runner-up spot. Christopher Krapp wrapped up the podium in modified. Matej Sulc with his T4 became Junior European Champions!

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Modified Results
1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY T4
2. Ronald Volker
3. Christopher Krapp

In Formula class Luke Lee took A1 but Jan Ratheisky took A2 & A3 and became 2019 European Champion in formula class. Luke Lee finished 2nd and David Ehrbar 3rd. Lukas Hoch became Junior European Champion!

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Formula Results
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY X1
2. Luke Lee - XRAY X1

3. David Ehrbar

In spec class, Oliver Bultynck showed clean runs in A1 and A2 wich secured him 2019 European Championship title in spec class. Dominic Vogl and Oliver Havranek tied in points after A3 but Dominic had better time and finished ahead of Oliver Havranek. Oliver also took Junior European Champion title!

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Spec Class Results
1. Oliver Bultynck
2. Dominic Vogl
3. Oliver Havranek – XRAY T4

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