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Race Report by Ari Bakla
XRS Australia Round 3 took place under control of Whalan Club. With the rain forecast it was always going to be a hit and miss weekend, right up until Sunday morning we had rain forecast but somehow it decided to stay away. The racing didn't disappoint. Both 13.5 and 1:12th came down to the last final and the very last corner!

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21.5T Stock Results
1. Ray Zarb – XRAY T4
2. Brendan George – XRAY T4

3. Jake McKee

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13.5T Stock Results
1. Peter Wong
2. Damien Zarb
3. Nathan Tanti – XRAY T4

1/12 Stock Resutls
1. Brendan George
2. Andrew Curless
3. James Turner

Big thanks to John Puse and the Whalan Club for putting on the weekends event. A small club with very few members, even had other "rival" club members helping out for the day, this is what XRS is about, coming together and having fun!!

Round 4 is in Newcastle on the 24-25th August, save the date and see you trackside.