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Race Report by Stefan Schulz
From Wednesday to Friday we had a good weather. On Saturday there were 6 qualifying rounds of which 4 were counted.

After a “poker game” I was in 2nd place with a new set of tires for the finals.
Sunday was cloudy in the early morning and raining more and more at the start of the race I realized that it will be an exciting championship. Finally, I could take the title and I am very proud to finally have it in my hands!

First and special thanks goes to my Dad and Oliver Heise! They support me so much and helped me with the rain car! Unbelievable! Also big thanks to all my sponsors!

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Stock Results
1. Stefan Schulz – XRAY T4
2. Enrico Jung
3. Niklas Hillig – XRAY T4

Race Report by Jan Ratheisky
Last weekend I was racing at the German nationals in Hann Münden. Unfortunately I had to work Thursday on a nightshift and became a big foot problem. After a short night and a visit of my doctor I knew I had an Achilles tendon Inflammation. Very painful but who cares ? ;)

However... Luckily I got mechanic support again from Stefan. Otherwise that
race would not be possible.

Lets talk about the race... As I wrote at the beginning I missed the entire practice on Friday. Saturday we had 4 rounds of practice followed by 3 qualies. Struggling to find some
steering I was still happy to be 2nd behind Max and in front of David.

On Sunday we had another rounds of qualies we completely rebuilt the car in the Hotel room to make sure all is right and some setup changes as well. The work paid off and I was able to set TQ for the A main.

A1: I was the complete 5 mins under huge pressure from Max but I was able to hold it by just
0.1 sec I guess-
A2: The race starts the sime like A1 so I was under a big attack almost every corner. As I had
do block also at the end of the straight I took the line a bit to narrow, hit the curb and had to go wide. This resulted in a overtake for Max and I finished 2nd.
A3: All in or nothing! I was under pressure again but decided to change my driving style. Normally I always slow down a bit to drive a super safe line to avoid mistakes. This time I tried my best to pull away. Well I just got like 0.5 sec gap or so but I could see it was a bit harder for Max to keep up the pace. This gave me my German nationals title back once again. Yeah! This was by far the hardest one!

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Formula Results
1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY X1
2. Max Weffers
3. Soren Sparbier

See you again on the track!