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Race Report by Oliver Havranek
The Hungarian Championship 2019 in nitro category took place on the last weekend on the 10th and 11th of August 2019 in Graz.

Saturday did not start completely according to my expectations. After the qualifications, which were not very successful for me I started in semifinal B from the 2nd place. But after very close and amazing battle with Sagi Tamas I won and started from the 2nd place in main finale behind Ciudan Simon.

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In the main final my car and engine worked perfectly all 30 minutes and my mechanic Tomas Liptak was the fastest in the group. After the short battle with Ciudar Simon in first few minutes I managed to take the 1st place, which I was able to hold until the end of the race.

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1/10 IC Results
1. Oliver Havranek – XRAY NT1
2. Ciudan Simon
3. Sagi Tamas

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Race Report by Tomas Liptak
Round 3 of Hungarian nationals was held at sunny and challenging track near Graz in Austria, we arrived to the track on Friday and practiced for a long time.

In total there were 4 qualifier runs. The first qualifier has started on Saturday at 17:00 with organized group practices until then, I won it by about 0.7sec in front of Branislav Panak thanks to him making a mistake in his first counted lap.

The second was in Sunday morning with dew covering the grass and track being wet. In the third qualy Branislav Panak was able to beat my finishing time by 0.6 seconds. In the fourth and last qualy I didn’t finish, Branislav managed to set the fastest lap of the race with 16.562 and achieving even better overall time than before.

With Branislav having TQ and me lining up behind him in the second place, it was a tough fight for both of us. Branislav led every single lap up until lap number 84 when screw which was holding his engine mount got loose and made him drive on it. They fixed it but just 5 laps after that he faced another bad luck and had to retire. It was successful race from my perspective as I managed to win with 3 laps gap in front of Anton Sloboda in 2nd place and 8 in front of Branislav Panak in 3rd

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1/8 IC Results
1. Tomas Liptak – XRAY RX8
2. Anton Sloboda – XRAY RX8
3. Branislav Panak – XRAY RX8

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