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Race Report by Umut Turkay
Turkey Onroad Championship (TORC 2019) Round 5 race and season final race has been completed at Bursa Bumod Track. This year championship had 3 sections: 1/10 EP Stock, 1/10 Modified and 1/10 GP. National champion decider race run at shiny weather that pushed race attendance to top of the season. We had experienced most competitive season of last ten years. First of all racers appreciate efforts of Team Dark Members that are serving to racers as only on-road organization for last 5 years. And for all those years as Team Ncrc we have been there to support race and all racers as usual.

1/10 EP Stock section, this season with new hand-out electronics, rpm limiter function, has started with many unknowns. But through out the 5 races everything worked very well and this pulled maximum racer attendance of TORC series. At last race, it was very difficult to find place at A main. Full of Xray A-main resulted with Atahan Yildiz win, Poyraz Serezlioglu 2nd place and Ali Kaya 3rd place. All three names were candidates for title depending on each others result and Ali Kaya fast enough to get necessary points that brought him title of 1/10th Electric National Champion with 615points.

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Stock Race Results
1. Atahan Yildiz - XRAY T4
2. Poyraz Serezlioglu - XRAY T4
3. Ali Kaya - XRAY T4

1/10 Ep Modified Section, fastest drivers were here for the final race, competition among Atahan Yıldız, Mert Can Çakmak, Gökay Aktan and Yunus Şahin was amazing. And winner of this though battle is Mert Can Çakmak but it was not enough for the national title after runner-up performance of Atahan at race. And Athan Yıldız claimed 2nd National Champion title in 2 years of racing career.

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Modified Race Results
1. Mert Can Çakmak - XRAY T4
2. Atahan Yıldız - XRAY T4
3. Yunus Şahin - XRAY T4

Season Final Race was at 1/10 GP, 4 different names fighting for title but other young talents chasing for race win. From start to finish Mert performed for a win, his bad luck at qualifications lead him to run ? final and performance at ? final put him to 5th for final start. At the beginning of the race, qualifications Top Qualifier Alain Sarafyan was performing great till tire change pits where bad luck catched him. Which pushed Halit to top of the race, he grapped this opportunity but .... It was showing 8 minutes more drive time that his car became 2wd. Mert was fast and dedicated to win after others race problems. Halit was more than happy that this 2nd place performance, enough for tie-up with Alain at championship ranking and according to rules 2nd place performance of this race was finishing equality of season and point out national title for Halit Korpe 2nd time in a row. Very promising young talent Miraç Kaya filled last place on the podium.

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1/10 IC Race Results
1. Mert Koroglu – XRAY NT1
2. Halit Korpe - XRAY NT1
3. Muhammed Miraç Kaya - XRAY NT1