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Race Report by Tomas Liptak
Last sunny days, very cold mornings, three days of pure nitro racing and fun with friends .... that´s about last race of summer season in Morac Ring. Temperatures around 5°C in the morning and about 15°C during the day brought very good track condition and good traction that got worse after a short Saturday afternoon rain.

Sunday - raceday: we drove two qualifications and two 20 minutes final runs that counted together. Branislav Panak with TQ, 2nd on the grid Tamas Sagi, Bjan Miklozic on the 3rd spot and me on the 4th. Branislav had to take 10 minutes timeout because of some problems with his car so he started from the back to first final run. I took 1st place with clean run before 2nd Tamas Sagi and 3rd Branislav Panak. 3 laps after start of 2nd final run I took lead before Branislav driving on 2nd and Tamas on 3rd place.

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1/8 IC Results
1. Tomas Liptak - XRAY RX8
2. Tamas Sagi
3. Branislav Panak - XRAY RX8

Thanks to my dad Igor Liptak for best job in the pit and to my sponsor www.xray-shop.sk

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