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Race Report by Zsolt Bajusz
The 2nd round of RC Prof took place last week in Gyomro! In Stock 13,5T Cristian Faur took the win!

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Stock 13,5T Results
1. Cristian Faur - XRAY T4
2. Márk Valent - XRAY T4

3. Viktor Kiss

In F1, Mark Valent led the army of X1s as he took P1!

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F1 Results
1. Mark Vallent - XRAY X1
2. Balint Rajki - XRAY X1
3. Zsolt Molnár - XRAY X1

In 4WD, I managed to bring my XB4 on top after great great fights in the finals!

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4WD Buggy Results
1. Zsolt Bajusz - XRAY XB4
2. Szabolcs Konya
3. Zsombor Fekete