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Race Report by Zac Gastelum
Last weekend I attended the Pizza Feast at MHOR RC Raceway in Aurora, CO. I would race MOD 2WD and 4WD.
Started the weekend on Thursday with open practice. I use this day for tire prep and break in.

Friday was another day of practice with one round of qualifying at night. I use the morning to break in tires a little more. In the afternoon I use this time to fine tune the cars to get them faster and more comfortable to drive on the track that was super tight and difficult to drive. I would settle on a setup that wasn’t super fast but I could get a clean five minutes in and not be drastically off the pace. I also helped a teammate build is XB4’20 so he can run it for the weekend. Ended this day with two TQs myself and the team getting three more.

Saturday start qualifying with the last three rounds with using best two of the four. Qualifying would start of the same way as I left of getting another set of TQs and the same guys getting more TQS for the team. Round three and four would have the same results for TQs and would end the day strong. I would take the TQ in both 2wd Mod and 4wd Mod, Cole Lewton would grab the TQ in both 13.5 2wd and Truck, Mike Malenado TQ in 13.5 4wd, Christopher Malenado TQ in Sportsmen.

Sunday was the last day of racing. Which mean main day. The mod mains were one main due to low entries. Both mains were 8 minutes long. I would go on to win the 2wd mod from tone to tone with no mistakes. The 4wd main was not what I wanted I made a mistake early and drove my best to get back to the front but I would have to settle for second.

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2WD Buggy Modified Results
1. Zac Gastelum - XRAY XB2
2. Domnic Paccione
3. David Joor

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4WD Buggy Modified Results
1. Domnic Paccione
2. Zac Gastelum – XRAY XB4
3. Matt Chambers

The other mains were triple As. Kyle Schmer won 13.5 4wd with a great battle with Micheal and Cole in all three of the mains. They would go on to sweep the podium with XRAY cars.

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4WD Buggy 13,5T Results
1. Kyle Schmer – XRAY XB4
2. Mike Malenado – XRAY XB4
3. Cole Lewton – XRAY XB4

Cole would go on and win both A1 and A2 in both 13.5 classes with tone to tone wins in 13,5 truck and battling in 13.5 2wd with teammate Micheal Malenado. They would go one and two in 13.5 2wd.

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2WD Buggy 13.5T Results
1. Cole Lewton - XRAY XB2
2. Mike Malenado - XRAY XB2

3. Ryan Reagle

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Stadium Truck 13,5T Results
1. Cole Lewton – XRAY XT2
2. Kurt Sellers
3. Travis Fisher

Christophe the young gun would win the sportsmen class. He drove amazing and learning from his big brother Micheal. Micheal would go on to take the Stock Pizza Feast Championship with combining 17.5 Expert and 13.5 4wd after the tie breaker against Kyle Schmer. The team work very well together and was able to get the cars to be fast and looking consistent on the track.

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Sportsman Results
1. Christopher Malenado – XRAY XB4
2. Ethan White
3. Andrew Hendrick

All in all, The race was awesome and the track was difficult. The team was able to get great results. Also was able to help everyone at the race no matter what. Ready to get to the next race.