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Race Report by Anke Muller
Last weekend, as in the previous year, we had XRS R4 in Leipzig. The organizers were the two clubs MRC + RCL Leipzig. It was great fun again, the atmosphere was great and the field of drivers was quite big.

The strongest classes were 1/10 TW Stock and 1/10 TW Fronti, there was also the formula class, 1/12EB / GT and the guest class 17.5 TW. As in the previous year, the race with track announcer and timekeeping was great! Particularly noteworthy is the super catering by the very nice ladies team, everything was super delicious and I think everyone was more than satisfied.

The most prominent participant was Michael Klaus from Mika NEWS, who was in the Fronti class and also made pictures and talks and interviews and made excellent reporting at Mika NEWS possible.

Now to the results. In Stock, Stefan Schulz won in front of Tim Schulte and Michael Zirold! Stefan took the win also in FWD class!

Stock Results
1. Stefan Schulz – XRAY T4
2. Tim Schulte – XRAY T4

3. Michael Zierold

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FWD Results
1. Stefan Schulz - XRAY T4F
2. Sven Muller – XRAY T4F

3. Michal Klaus

In Formula, Andreas Beier took the win with his X1!

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Formula Results
1. Andreas Beier – XRAY X1
2. Enrico Hahn
3. Sebastian Keller

In 1/12 Dirk Brauer took the win followed by Philipp Lischke and Christopher Bergholz! In 17,5T Peter Stein was crowned the winner!

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1/12 Results
1. Dirk Brauer
2. Philipp Lischke – XRAY X12
3. Christopher Bergholz – XRAY X12

17.5T Results
1. Peter Stein
2. Julius Stein
3. Mirko Schulze - XRAY T4