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The Norwegian Championship for 1/10 IC track was held at the track in Starmoen approx. 170km north of Oslo in Norway the 27th to 28th ,2020. Due to the fact that this event, for the first time in RC history in Norway was to be covered live on the National Norwegian broadcast, the tension was high throughout the whole event, with a high focus on all aspects from both organizers and racers. Also to mitigate all possible effects of gathering so many people in one relatively small area with the Covid-19 still a risk, the organizing club and track owners put in to action strict regulations to hinder spreading this disease, with physical barriers in pit and at driver’s rostrum.

After completed qualification which set the standard for the weekend racing wise with close and intense driving from all 21 racers, no one held back and the outcome was open till the very end, the young and talented Olav Dahle held TQ.
To the Super Pole Petter S?lvberg, ?yvind Stusdal, Trygve Berntsen and Christian Hovden fought for position. Petter S?lvberg came out as the fastest after some very intense and nail-biting minutes.

The weather forecast predicted rain on Sunday, so all qualy heats and Super Pole was completed on Saturday in very hot and sunny weather. On Sunday the start of A final was forwarded about 1,5hrs to enable as good tack conditions as possible even if it rained sporadically in the hours up to start.

After some very strong and focused driving, Petter S?lvberg who never showed any nerves and held his cool even after some strong pressure from ?yvind Studal, coasted his XRAY NT1 1.3 to a convincing win.
This race was selected as a venue where the “Kongepokal” (The Norwegian Kings Trophy) which is the highest ranking trophy an athlete can receive, was to be awarded the winner. Petter S?lvberg received this trophy, handed out by the President of the Norwegian Motorsport Federation.

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NT1 championship results:
1.Petter Solvberg - XRAY NT1
2.Trygve Berntsen - Infinity
3.Oyvind Stusdal - XRAY NT1
4.Andre Roine - Sheperd
5.Henning Stavnhaugen - Infinity
6.Asmund Hertzenberg - XRAY

7.Olav Dahle - Sheperd
8.Hans Nicolaisen - XRAY NT1
9.Kai Erik Rosland - Serpent
10.Alexander Gjemble - Mugen