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Report by Lukas Hoch
Friday we started with free practice all day in hot conditions, we had some decent times and setup.

Saturday morning started heavy rain and ended just a few hours before race end.

We started from P2 into the long, long 12 hours.

Our team was using Xray X10 with some changes. Our drivers were Matěj ?ulc, ?imon Hor?k, Oliver Havr?nek and Lukas Hoch.

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We had to fight all the time with conditions, super wet, less wet, super wet again and ?dry?.
Also lapped drivers were super challenging.

In the end without any bigger technical issues we were able to take the win with 80+ laps more than 2nd placed. With overall 2492 laps it was a great success for all of us, drivers, Vladimir ?ulc who constructed the car and for Tom? Knopp as out mechanic as well.

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Final results:
1. Young guns XRAY - XRAY X10