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Report by Max Gotzl
The 3rd round of the Czech Open series took a place last weekend on our new race track in Horne Jeleni as the first race ever here! There was a big rain on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday early morning, so we had a lot of work to do in the morning getting the track ready to race. Big thanks to everyone who helped us!

I was able to win my Semi A with about 3-lap advantege over 2nd place, so I took the pole for the main in front of Tomas Kapicka and Radim Kolek.

After rain that start in the middle of the final, I drive my XB8 to the end to take the overal win with a huge gap over 2nd Tomas Kapicka and 3rd Jan Hujer.

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Nitro final results:
1.Götzl Max – XRAY XB8
2.Kapicka Tomas
3.Hujer Jan

I won the first two A mains with Ebuggy, which already meant the Win for me, but we didn’t run the A3 because of the rain after the Nitro Main, so results ‚one out of two‘ were taken. Ales Bidovsky ended up 2nd and Jiri Dvorak 3rd.

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Ebuggy final results:
1.Götzl Max – XRAY XB8E
2.Bidovsky Ales
3.Dvorak Jiri