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Report by Max Gotzl
The event saw almost 200 entries and a bad weather forecast, but luckily everything worked out perfect and we had all the time dry racing. We had to follow some special rules because of the virus, but in the end we had a great time racing again!

In the 4WD 10.5 class it was Simon Stegmeier who set the overall TQ in front of Tristam Neal and Mick Burbach. Simon was then able to win A1&A2 to take the overall win for XRAY! Mick finished 2nd and Tristam 3rd.

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4WD 10.5 class results:
1. Stegmeier Simon - XRAY XB4
2. Burbach Mick
3. Neal Tristam

In the 2WD 13.5 class it was Tristam Neal who dominated qualifying as well finals and took the win, in front of the XRAY XB2 of Simon Stegmeier who finished 2nd and Mick Burbach rounded the top3.

2WD 10.5 class results
1. Neal Tristam
2. Stegmeier Simon - XRAY XB2
3. Burbach Mick

In the 2wd Modified class Bruno Coelho was able to set the overall TQ after taking two TQ runs, in front of second Jorn Neumann and me on the third spot on the A main grid. We had overall 5 XB2s in the Amain with Bruno 1st, me 3rd, Martin Bayer 5th, Hupo H•?nigl 6th and Aaron M??nster 9th.
Bruno was able to take the A1 win with a good gap over Jorn and Marcel Schneider. In the A2 it was Jorn who took the win, in front of me in 2nd and Martin in 3rd. The podium was about to be decided in the A3, which Jorn was able to win to take the overall win, again in front of me, which meant overall 2nd place for me!! Bruno took the last step on the podium, and we finished with 4 XRAY cars in the top6!

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2WD results:
1. Neumann Jorn
2. Gotzl Max - XRAY XB2
3. Coelho Bruno - XRAY XB2

In 4WD Modified it was again Bruno who set the TQ in front of the Schumacher duo of Neumann and Orlowski. A1 went to Jorn after a close fight with Bruno, but Bruno was able to win the A2, so it was a fight for the win in A3. Unfortunately Bruno made a mistake on the first lap, which allowed Jorn to pull away and take the win. Bruno finished overall on P2 and Orlowski took P3. I ended up on P8 after also starting there, as I had some really unlucky moves in the A main, but that’s racing and I will try better next time! Again XRAY finished with 3 cars in the top5!

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4WD results:
1. Neumann Jorn
2. Coelho Bruno - XRAY XB4
3. Orlowski Michal