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Report by Aggelakopoulos Foths
Last weekend Greek nationals for 1/10 nitro class was at FanatixRacingTrack.

Dimitriou Dimitris is 2020 Greek National champion with his XRAY NT1 took the TQ after 4 qualification rounds and he won the final tone to tone 2laps ahead of 2nd place. Second place for Sotiropoulos after great effort from last place and 3rd for Kiritsis.

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1/10 final results A-main:
1. Dimitriou Dimitris - XRAY NT1
2. Sotiropoulos
3. Kiritsis

B final was again 1st place for XRAY Diamadis and 2nd Papadopoulos XRAY and 3rd Boubalis.

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1/10 final results B-main:
1. Diamadis - XRAY NT1
2. Papadopoulos - XRAY NT1

3. Boubalis