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Report by Nikko Haheim
And has always attracted a good high level Banken Cup is a cup with 3-4 rounds every year. field in the modified class, especially due to it being relatively big and open.
This year the club Kvinesdal RC club had invested in the ever popular ETS carpet. This attracted even more drivers to come.

Saturday is always run as just an open practice day. We get a lot of testing in this day. I got to test quiet a lot and ended up with a pretty basic setup going in to Sunday, only with a few tweaks to the shock package compared with what I used last year on the same carpet.
Sunday we had 3 qualifiers with the best run counting, followed by 3 a-mains. Had decent pace in both opening qualifiers, but made a few errors so knew I had a better time in me, eventually improved by 2 seconds in the last one securing the TQ some 4 seconds ahead of Mathias in 2nd and Tom Erik in 3rd.

In the first main I pulled a gap, until passing a black marker I got a bit out of shape, hit a dot and got myself a body tuck, luckily a marshal was quickly on it and I managed to take A1 ahead of Mathias in 2nd and Tom Erik in 3rd
A2 I had a good start and could run my own laps in front, winning the final some 6 seconds again ahead of Mathias and Tom Erik. Which secured the victory for me.

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Modified results:
1. Nikko Haheim - XRAY T4
2. Mathias Nedrebo - XRAY T4

3. Tom Erik Haaversen