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Report by Lukas Hoch
MRcup R5 was held in Blansko, Czech republic in date 3rd of october.

As usually we drove this classes: Stock, F1, GT, Pro 10 and modified.

In most of the classes it were an intense fight for the top spot.

Stock, it was a battle for 1st between Simon Horak and Radko Cernohous. They were changing they’re wins in qualifications but in the finals, Radko was the man who was at the top spot, followed by Simon and Petr in 3rd.

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Stock results:
1. Radko Cernohous - XRAY T4
2. Simon Horak - XRAY T4
3. Petr Wittgruber - XRAY T4

Formula class was a different story compared to past races. In qualifications was David Douhlevski the pole man. With Lukas and Svetlin in 2nd and 3rd.
Every final were a fight between Lukas and David with the better end for Lukas. David in 2nd and Martin in 3rd.

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Formula results:
1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
2. David Douhlevski
3. Martin Janicek - XRAY X1

GT class was all about Daniel Urban who took the win easily in front of Radek and Lukas.

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GT results:
1. Daniel Urban - XRAY X10
2. Radek Prochazka - XRAY X10

3. Lukas Urban

Pro10 was a fight between the top3. In the end was the youngster Marek the winner. Followed by Marcel and Daniel in 3rd.

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Pro 10 results:
1. Marek Fric
2. Marcel Dostal - XRAY
3. Daniel Urban - XRAY

And jump into the last category, modified, the winner was clearly Petr Wittgruber, who did it tone to tone. Followed by Pavel and Adam

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1. Petr Wittgruber - XRAY T4
2. Pavel Mojzisek - XRAY T4
3. Adam Rajnis - XRAY T4