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Race Report by Anthony Smith
So, after 9 months of uncertainty we have finally been able to run the Round 2 of XRS at SMA.
Being greeted with a gorgeous day of sunshine and no pesky breeze we were off to a good start.
Starting with 3 rounds of controlled practice to start the day (giving everyone a chance to not only learn the layout but for some remembering how to drive) and then moving into the business end of the race meet.

Three qualifiers followed by three mains for all classes meant we were finally back into a full blown race program.

The standout of the day was the first 21.5 A Main final. With 7 lead changes and 4 different manufacturers represented it was worth watching (maybe a few others could learn from this display of driving).

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21.5 class results:
1. Hayden Smith - XRAY T4
2. Brendan George
3. Rob Wright

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13.5 class results:
1. Christian Silva - XRAY T4
2. Pete Wong
3. Chris Peet - XRAY T4

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Modified results:
1. Jeffrey Mackie
2. John Puse
3. Ari Bakla - XRAY T4