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Report by Michael Lee
The last round of the BRCA 8th Circuit Open National Championship was at Cotswold Model

Car Club in Gloucestershire, UK. Michael Lee was leading the championship in 1/8 electric class but Mikey Mansell and Billy Fletcher were close behind, with the title still to be decided at the final event. Michael did not finish the last two heats of qualifying and so Billy took pole position followed by Mikey in 2nd and Michael 3rd on the grid.

Both finals saw very close racing between Michael and Mikey for 2nd place, in the first leg Mikey managed to stay ahead but in the second leg Michael got past to take 2nd. Billy had just enough speed to win both final legs by a small margin.

Taking 3rd place on the day, Michael Lee had enough points with 2 wins and 2 second places to become 1/8 electric British Open National Champion for 2020 with his XRAY RX8E! •?I had a great first season in the â…› electric class, the competition was excellent and we had some close and fair racing at the front for all 5 rounds.’

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1/8 electric results:
1. Billy Fletcher
2. Mikey Mansell
3. Michael Lee - XRAY RX8E