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Race report by Adam Izsay
Hungarian RcProf Cup Rd.2 was held on last weekend close to Budapest.
In the more popular 4wd buggy class after the qualies it was me taking the TQ with Zsolt Bajusz Junior behind me, both of us with XB4 2021.
I could convert my TQ spot into wins all finals with Gabor Forrai finishing 2nd and Szabolcs Konya in 3rd.

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4WD results:
1. Adam Izsay - XRAY XB4 2021
2. Gabor Forrai
3. Szabolcs Konya

In 2wd buggy class I took the TQ and Win in all finals again with Janos Pittman 2nd and my father Karoly Izsay also with XRAY in 3rd joining me on the podium.

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2WD results:
1. Adam Izsay - XRAY XB2 2021
2. Janos Pittman
3. Karoly Izsay - XRAY XB2 2021

Report by Mark Valent
TQ and Win RC Prof Rd2!
We looked for traction on the timers but we managed to find it so we got the TQ.
I won the finals with confidence! The T4 2020 car worked well.

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Stock results:
1. Mark Valent - XRAY T4
2. Ciudan Simon
3. Kalnay Zsolt - XRAY T4