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Race report by Barret Morrow
This weekend I attended the first race of the Southern Ontario On-Road Championship series at Outlaw RC Motorsports, home of the Canadian On-Road Nationals. Catching up with my on-road RC friends again and racing our cars was really fun!

The Outlaw crew put on a great event and took lots of extra precautions to keep us all safe and healthy!
From the first pack both my XRAY T4'20 cars felt great. As we went through qualifying they got better and better with just a little fine tuning! In TC Mod I managed to TQ but we added too much front bite before the main and I traction rolled, big mistake, but I worked hard and was able to climb back up and finish 3rd overall.

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Modified results:
1. Bryce Frechette - XRAY T4
2. Lou Vanderway
3. Barrett Morrow - XRAY T4

In TC Stock I qualified 3rd and was able to move up one position during the main and finish 2nd. I'm really happy with my results, it was an awesome way to start the on-road season! Looking forward to race #2 in the series at Phoenix RC Raceway.

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Stock results:
1. Lou Vanderway
2. Barrett Morrow - XRAY T4
3. Bryce Frechette - XRAY T4

Congratulations to my friends and fellow racers on their results too! Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, stay healthy! Thank you to everyone who supports and sponsors me, I always try my best to make you all proud!
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