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Race report by Marcus von Elling
Last weekend saw the opening of the Swedish XRS Series.
Although Corona is still present there where a fair number of racers enjoying this first race in the series of five to come. This was also the first race in a long time for most of the competitors. The excitement was on top and so was the mood of all involved.

Saturday touring classes results:

13.5 ProStock results:
1. Nils Lindback - XRAY T4
2. Vilmer Gustafsson - XRAY T4
3. Fredrik Kling - XRAY T4

17.5 FWD results:
1. Morgan Kling - XRAY T4F
2. Vilgot Lindback - XRAY T4F
3. Emil Hedstrom - XRAY T4F

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Kids race results:
1. Teodor Hansen - XRAY T4F
2. Leon von Elling - XRAY T4F

3. Joline von Elling - Tamiya

2WD results:
1. Lucas Westerlund - Associated
2. Nils Lindback - Associated
3. Adam Mujagic - XRAY XB2

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