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See the beautiful presentation of the XRAY XB8E'21 here

2021 All-new Features:
- New E concept with two different layout alternatives:
- Rear motor position with a single battery position on the left
- Front motor position using saddle pack batteries in the rear
- All-new "Eazy" body makes the car significantly easier to drive
- Redesigned chassis layout to accommodate the new E platform with improved flex characteristics and new balance weight mounting positions
- 2 piece battery holder for saddle pack layout improves balance and lowers vehicle CG
- Standard battery holder moulded from new harder material for reduced flex
- Includes two graphite servo holders, one for each motor/battery configuration
- Compact electronics mount for speedo and receiver when using the saddle pack battery configuration
- Servo saver stands with chassis lock to ensure secure installation and a shorter servo linkage for the new servo position
- Stronger and longer servo saver spring has a greater working range
- Servo saver top deck with two chassis brace positions eliminates servo saver bind
- Shorter 93mm rear drive shafts improve outdrive clearance during extreme suspension travel

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Unique E concept.
The XB8E'21 features an all-new unique E concept with two different layout alternatives.

1. Front motor position with saddle pack batteries

Second alternative places the motor in front of the center differential opposite the servo, and uses a split, saddle pack battery layout. The motor has better cooling in this front location and the split batteries typically maintain lower temperatures during each run.

Suggested for bumpy tracks and when higher corner speed is required.

2. Rear motor position with a single battery position on the left side

Standard e-buggy position places the battery on one side with the speed control, and the motor, servo and receiver on other side of the chassis.

Suggested for very low grip traction conditions or when more chassis roll is desired. The center of gravity of this layout is generally higher due to battery orientation.

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XB8 'Eazy' Body.
The redesigned sides of the body improve stability at higher speeds. The round front cab and profile make the XB8 easier to drive. Some of the redesigned down force areas increase the speed of the car. The central fin on the roof help control the car more precisely making handling more predictable. Overall, the new "Eazy" body is the most significantly improved performance off-road body we have designed.

The front cabin was redesigned with a wider and cab forward design so both left and right sides generate matching downforce even with the cut-out opening for fuel tank.

The body is fully compatible with the XB8 and XB8E platforms.

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XB8 'Eazy' Body Development Stages.
The new "Eazy" Body was created after significant time spent testing dozens of different alternatives until the final design was selected. The new design of the body improves the handling for all skill levels, from local racers to World Champions.

The new "Eazy" Body makes the XB8 more stable at speed and more reactive in the corners.

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The new XB8E chassis features a locking system for the servo saver posts to ensure the components will stay secured even after chassis flex in extreme conditions. The chassis layout was redesigned for the new E concept with its two layout alternatives.

The all-new chassis also features new positions to mount optional weights for further weight balance adjustment.

The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum; strategically machined in low-stress

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Battery Holder.
To accommodate the two different battery positions there are two different battery holders included in the kit.

Brick alternative - features battery holder for one large battery pack or two standard battery packs. The holder is moulded from a harder material to reduce flex. In this configuration, the battery pack(s) is installed in this left side location together with the ESC.

Saddle pack alternative - features all-new tweak-free split battery holder to mount the saddle packs. This battery holder will accommodate both standard and 'shorty' packs, with the shorty packs having the added ability to move front/back for additional weight balance adjustment.

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Servo Holder.
To accommodate two different electronic layouts there are also two different servo holders included in each XB8E kit, one to fit either the single side battery layout or the saddle pack layout. Servo horn position is moved more forward and used a shortened link.

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Electronics Plate.
The saddle pack battery layout features a new moulded electronics mounting plate that is positioned next to the servo. The speed control, receiver and transponder are all installed on this plate for easy removal and maintenance.

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Servo Saver.
The servo saver features a new conical spring that is longer and stronger. The new spring ensures more precise steering and improved reliability.

The servo saver posts feature a new locking system that ensures the servo saver setting will not change while running.

To ensure servo saver reliability (especially in dusty conditions), the servo saver is moulded from graphite material which is more resistant and efficient in dusty conditions. The dual-arm steering system is simple yet effective, featuring an integrated easily-adjustable servo saver and Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum steering plate.

Ackermann is easily adjusted by quickly & easily changing steering link mounting positions on the steering plate. Bump steer is easily adjusted by inserting shims between the steering plate and steering linkage

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Drive Shafts.
The rear drive shafts are now 93mm long and help reduce the chances of bind in the outdrives after extreme jump landings that could cause handling irregularities or damage.

All XB8E drive shafts are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel, resulting in some of the world's thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in off-road cars. All drive shafts and outdrives are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unsurpassed lifespan & reliability.

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Servo Saver Top Deck.
The servo saver top deck was also redesigned. The new top deck features holes for the servo saver that ensure the servo saver will not lock when overtighten and will always work freely.

The new top deck features an extra hole for the front chassis brace. When built using the single sided battery configuration, the left mounting hole is used to prevent driveshaft collision with the chassis brace.

Fits both XB8 and XB8E.

See the beautiful presentation of the XRAY XB8E'21 here