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Race report by Torben Lundberg
After a long period of lock down, it was great to start up the season with two race meetings during the Easter break at Herts Nitro Model Club which is located just north of London. The weather was great and atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable. The track had been well prepared and with a recent oil treatment the grip level was perfect for off-road racing.

The Ebuggy qualifiers ran over 3 rounds with 2 best counting. Competition was fierce from the outset with Toby Nicoll, Chris Carlisle and I each winning a round but I ended taking the overall TQ.

The final was split over two legs of each 12 minutes. I was leading the race all the way through but almost got caught by Toby Nicols towards the end and beat him by only 0.6 sec. The second leg proved to be an even more nerve-wracking race where Toby and I were exchanging the lead position. Toby unfortunately suffered a technical error, and I could finish the race with an overall victory.

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Ebuggy final results:
1. Torben Lundberg - XRAY XB8E
2. Toby Nicoll
3. Chris Carlisle