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Race report by Marco Baruffolo
This weekend there was the first round of ACI Italian Nast in the indoor track of IBR Padova!

On Friday we have open track and we tested a lot and both cars were on point and really easy to drive!

Saturday we had 6 rounds of free practices and we tested a lot with the tyres to find the right compound and patterns. The best choice was Bangkok V2 White in the morning and Bangkok V2 Super Soft in the afternoon/evening!

On Sunday the weather changed. Started to rain outside and in the track there was a lot of humidity and we lost traction and overall grip. We worked hard on the car and finished with a TQ in e-buggy and 4th place in nitro.
In e-buggy I won A1 and A2 after a great fight with Alex.

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1/8 Ebuggy reults:
1. Marco Baruffolo - XRAY XB8E
2. Alex Zanchettin
3. Tiziano Ravelli

30minutes before our nitro final, the rain stopped and the track inside started to gain some grip. Anyway we decided to use same setup and same tyres like the last round of quals where my car was really good!
In the first 20/25 minutes was really fast and I fighted with Polito and Berton for the lead but after that started to be really hard to drive and did some mistakes that cost me a lot. Finished 3rd overall

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1/8 nitro buggy results
1. Mattia Polito
2. Riccardo Berton
3. Marco Baruffolo - XRAY XB8