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Race report by Tom Yardy
This weekend I went to the Coventry MCC track to race my XB2C'21 and XB4C'21 on their AstroTurf track. The sun was shining but with a lot of sand on the surface, grip levels only medium to low throughout the day.

First up was 2wd and a tough decision on tyres between the Schumacher Mini Dart or Mezzo in yellow compound. In practice I opted for the dart but many of the local guys were on the Mezzo tyre and while the car felt good I decided to switch for qualifying. I was much happier with the tyre and my car was feeling dialled in during round 1 but a couple of big errors during the run left me in 2nd. For the next round we made a few small changes, lowering the diff and going to slightly narrower rear hex for the falling grip levels and I was able to take TQ in all remaining rounds to start the A main from first.

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The final was smooth going, my car was very easy to drive and with no errors I was able to cruise to the win ahead of Kevin Lee and Dean Gibbs.

2WD results:
1. Tom Yardy - XRAY XB2C'21 (TQ)
2. Kevin Lee
3. Dean Gibbs

In the 4wd class I did not have a decision to make on tyres as I only had darts for the 4wd! I struggled a little during practice - my car felt a little overpowered and too soft making it very difficult to drive. For qualifying, we made some ESC setting changes, switched to a thicker shock oil and added a little more rear toe in. As the day went on we also made a few roll centre adjustments and by the end of the day the car felt awesome! I was able to TQ all 4 rounds of qualifying and win the A main comfortably from the Associated pairing of Eugene Galley and one of our country's fastest female racers, Laura Hicklin.

4WD results:
1. Tom Yardy - XRAY XB4C'21 (TQ)
2. Eugene Galley
3. Laura Hicklin

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Another fun day at the track, lots learned and I'm looking forward to getting back on track next week!