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Race report by Paul Ciccarello
I came to the race prepared to run, Nitro truggy, Nitro buggy and Ebuggy. When I got to the race I actually didn't run my ebuggy at all and switched the plan to concentrate on the nitro classes since the nats will be there in June. I was able to help Gaven more with his ebuggy and he had a great result and really good speed! After running the truggy a bunch I was really happy with the handling but decided after last weekend and just running around like a mad man for the last few races I was just going to run my Nitro buggy and take it easy for once. This gave me to opportunity to help a lot of the team with their new cars since they just got their new kits last week. The nitro buggy was dialed right from the start only needing to change the shock oil for the colder temps. This worked out really good as I was able to TQ plus 40 and qualify 3rd in a stacked field of nitro buggies!

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Nitro buggy 40+ results:
1. Paul Ciccarello - XRAY XB8
2. Jay Drakeford
3. Tom Petrella

In the plus 40 main I lead wire to wire with some good challenges from Paul Dalton in the beginning. In the pro main I didn't get off to a great start and a few laps in found myself back in 10th place. I ran really good after that getting back up to 6th but some rookie pit strategy by myself led me to running out of fuel 2 turns before my pit time and I would wind up 12th. I'm not bummed at all though because my car, tires and engine were performing awesome!! I was the most competitive I've been against the good guys so improvement is the thing I look mostly at.

Up next, The tiltyard in 2 weeks!!