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Report by Michael Johnsen
This weekend we had a race in Glostrup, a track placed approximately 15km from Copenhagen.
First race after covid-19 lock-down also first race of the Danish nationals.
Weather hasn't been spring or summer , so not many days practice , in fact first time on the track was Friday , both for me and my XRAY T4F'21. Track would be sucker treated, so we were in for a good race.

Base setup was actually rather good, the only change I made was the long upper links that I have been testing with good results before lockdown.
Main rival was top ETS +40 driver Casper Morgen, always some good clean races with him.
He would also take Q1 but as the sun started to warm the track, it fevered my car and I could take Q2 and Q3 to start from TQ spot in the finals.
Finals was tone to tone finals, the T4F was just flying. Casper was just as secure in 2, with the first (and only) awesomatix in 3 place by Henrik Elklint

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FWD results:
1. Michael Johnsen - XRAY T4F'21
2. Casper Morgen - XRAY T4F'21

3. Henrik Elklint

Thanks to RyeskovRacing/XRAY team for a super nice weekend.
Thanks to RyeskovRacing for the support over the years.
Thanks to the Glostrup Racing Club and the people behind for a fantastic race despite only 2 officials.
Thanks Ralph and Jorn.
Next race will be in 3 weeks at the Tollose track, let's hope for more drivers and better weather conditions.