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Race report by Kyle Turner
The Nitro Wars was held on May 1, 2021 at Amain hobbies Silver Dollar Raceway, USA

I personally raced 1/8 Nitro Buggy, 1/8 Electric Buggy, 1/8 Nitro Truggy.

The track most of the time was hot and dry even with watering every race. The competition was also pretty good between the top 5 I'd say.

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Nitro truggy results:
1. Kyle Turner - XRAY XT8
2. Jaden Tiu - XRAY XT8

3. Mike Gordon

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Nitro buggy results:
1. Kyle Layton
2. Kyle Turner - XRAY XB8
3. Jaden Tiu - XRAY XB8

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Ebuggy results:
1. CJ Jelin
2. Kyle Turner - XRAY XB8E
3. Jaden Tiu - XRAY XB8E